Who's Elani Roman

Up in the Clouds But Down to Earth


My imagination is so far left, that to me it just always felt right- to write! I see all the beautiful colors in the world and try to infuse that energy into my stories. My personal story, well, I work on myself from the inside out. My 3 E's to an exuberant life: Take time to get energized, no excuses and enjoy the little things in life. Several projects on the horizon in 2019. Follow me to stay on top of the latest projects, events, and new releases. 

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A huge thank you to all my supporters and game changers. You all give me life, Yes S.E.R.! Excited to share my journey with you all.

Reviews for Under Her Spell:

"Not my typical Read:This prequel is a bit different from what I'd usually read. It seemed interesting enough to read in the future"

Reviews for Short Story On His List:


 "Cute, Interesting I’d definitely read her work again, I loved it. It was a page turner, and made you want to keep reading"

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